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If you need a mortgage, pre-approval is one of the first steps in your home purchase. Don't worry if you don't know where to start. Live Urban Fort Worth works hand-in-hand with our preferred, local lenders to make your lending experience smooth and seamless.
Our Preferred Lenders

Keller Crowley

Legacy Mutual Mortgage


Tracey Lindsey

Guild Mortgage


Brian Fuller

Loan Depot


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my bank?


The loan officers at a national, corporate bank can be working on your file from anywhere in the US. Whereas, a local, Texas bank not only knows what benefits you have by living in TX but work outside of 8-5 M-F. 


Will applying for a mortgage affect my credit?


The first mortgage company that pulls your credit score will perform a "hard pull" on your credit; however, you have a 21 day grace period after that initial pull to have other mortgage companies compare rates for you without any other "hard-pulls".


What is the difference between pre-qualification and final approval?


The term 'Pre-Qualification' means that the loan officer has run a credit report, verified income documents, compared your income to your debts, and made sure you have the funds to close. This does NOT mean that you have 'final approval'. Additional income documents can be required and it is possible for you to derail your mortgage approval. Use the 'Mortgage Do's and Dont's' above to learn more.

Do I get any benefit from you using my preferred lenders?


No. I do not receive any kickbacks or benefits from the mortgage companies I've referred. I refer them because we have done great business in the past, and they close on time, every time. 


I am self-employed, can I get approved?


Self-employed individuals need to have two years of filed taxes to be approved for a mortgage. 


I am a veteran, what about VA loans?


A VA loan can be a great opportunity for a veteran purchasing a home. VA loans do not require a down payment. All of my preferred lenders are able to help you with your VA loan. 

Other Questions About Lending?

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