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Beau Jennings

        I grew up in Dallas, TX and graduated from Abilene Christian University with a degree in Education. After graduating college I moved to Chattanooga, TN to pursue my career in education where I taught 5th grade math, science, and writing. I also raced bicycles which is what took me to the mountains of Tennessee. In 2003, I was struggling to make ends meet as a teacher and began renovating houses which is where my love of real estate grew from. After many bike races, children taught, and houses renovated I decided to follow my dream of becoming a boat Captain and sold my house, car, and all my belongings to moved to England to attend the world’s premier sailing school, The United Kingdom Sailing Academy. I earned the highest level Captains license offered and after sailing to 13 countries and training, I moved to Florida to work in the yacht industry. During my time in the industry I bounced between Florida and the Bahamas and ultimately found myself wanting to not live in such an isolated environment. I traveled the world to realize that Texas was where my heart is and after a short stint of living and teaching in Nashville, I moved back home and am now practicing real estate. My professional life went full circle and now I am working in the profession I love most and get the opportunity to serve others, manage my clients most valuable assets, and serve their needs to provide a smooth and seamless life transition.

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