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Alaina Lansing-Hames

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         Native to Fort Worth, I grew up on the eastside and attended Nolan Catholic. While pursuing my Bachelors in Business and Economics I worked full time and pinched my pennies. I spent three amazing summers backpacking Europe and SoutheastAsia, experiencing many cultures. Developing a deep love for economics and the inner-workings of society, I earned two Masters in Business Administration and Economics. At theage of23 I became a professor of Economics at Northwood University. After many lectures and amazing students, I wanted to share my understanding of markets, especially real estate, beyond the classroom. I obtained my license in 2013 and have since been helping buyers and sellers in many areas. I cherish my client relationships, I listen, and I have an uncanny ability to simplify over-complicated processes. My personal interests include all things natural and holistic. I love dogs, crystals,plantsand philosophy. I’m an activist for sensible public policy, I search for eco-friendly products, and I intend to make the world a better place.

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